Get pre-qualified in 24 hours

We can pre-qualify your business in 24-hours at no charge with minimal information. A pre-qualification letter from us gives you an advantage as a prospective buyer. We can have you pre-qualified before you decide on a building, giving you an edge over other prospective buyers and allowing you to move fast once you find the right building.


Are you eligible?

  • Your business must be for-profit
  • Your business must be the primary occupant of the building


We’ll need:

  • Business: tax returns (last 3 years), recent interim financial statements, and business debt schedule (XLS)
  • Personal: tax returns (last 3 years) and Personal Financial Statement(s) from owner(s) (PDF)


Contact us

  • Call us at (415) 217-7600 and we’ll
  • guide you through the rest of the process!

Questions? Call us at (415) 217-7600